Program Incentives

Many buildings are not retrocommissioned because of the upfront investigation costs needed to identify operational improvements. The RCx Program’s incentive structure overcomes this hurdle:

  • Free Custom Engineering Study. The RCx Program pays 100% of the cost associated with a custom engineering study (investigation). This investigation incentive is paid directly to the RCx Provider.
  • Implementation Incentives. The Program provides financial assistance to reduce payback periods for eligible measures. This implementation incentive, paid directly to the building owner, is $0.08 per kWh and $1.00 per therm, or about $0.05 per square foot.

By addressing common but subtle operational problems, the Program can eliminate energy waste while improving the performance and increasing the life of your building’s systems.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for RCx Program incentives, the building owner must commit funds to implement energy-saving measures that payback in two years or less after incentives are applied. The owner’s obligation is capped at 5% of the building’s annual electric cost.

  • Buildings that have an electric or natural gas account with SDG&E®
  • Buildings with at least 50,000 square feet of conditioned space served by one mechanical system
  • Ideal building candidates have a central plant and direct digital controls (DDC).