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Guac and Roll: 9 Must-Try Spots for Guacamole in San Diego!

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and delicious food. One of the most popular dishes in the city is guacamole.

Made from mashed avocado mixed with various spices and ingredients, guacamole is a staple in Mexican cuisine and has become a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike.

There are countless restaurants and eateries in San Diego that serve guacamole, but not all are created equal. Some places are known for their authentic homemade guacamole, while others offer unique and creative twists on the classic dish.

Whether you prefer your guacamole spicy or mild, chunky or smooth, there is a place in San Diego that will satisfy your cravings.

In this blog post, we will explore the best places for guacamole in San Diego. From popular Mexican restaurants to hidden gems, we will guide you through the city's guacamole scene and help you discover your new favorite spot.

So, grab your tortilla chips and get ready to indulge in the creamy goodness of San Diego's best guacamole.

1. Las Cuatro Milpas

Las Cuatro Milpas
1857 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113 (Google Maps)

Las Cuatro Milpas is a must-visit for those seeking authentic Mexican food. The menu is limited, but the flavors are big.

The star of the show is their freshly made flour tortillas, which are soft and flavorful.

The guacamole is a standout dish, made with ripe avocados and just the right amount of seasoning. Be prepared to wait in line, but the wait is worth it.

This is a cash-only establishment, so come prepared. The atmosphere is old-school and charming, adding to the overall experience.

2. Roxy's Tacos

Roxy's Tacos
815 C St, San Diego, CA 92101 (Google Maps)

Roxy's Tacos is a must-visit Mexican restaurant for anyone looking for delicious guacamole.

While the guacamole may not be the star of the show, the chips that come with it are top-notch. The menu is extensive, with options ranging from tacos to loaded fries.

The owner, Junior, is incredibly friendly and makes customers feel like family. The outdoor seating is limited, but the atmosphere is perfect for a quick bite.

Don't miss out on trying the Surfin' California burrito, made with fresh shrimp and angus beef. Roxy's Tacos is a hidden gem that should not be missed.

3. La Dona

La Dona
1852 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107 (Google Maps)

La Dona is a Mexican restaurant that serves delicious guacamole. The guacamole is made fresh and is packed with flavor.

The restaurant has a lively atmosphere and colorful decor. The staff is friendly and attentive.

The outdoor seating is a great spot to enjoy the guacamole and other Mexican dishes. The restaurant also serves creative cocktails and has a large selection of Mexican tequila and beer.

If you are looking for a great spot for guacamole, La Dona is definitely worth checking out.

4. Birria El Rey

Birria El Rey
1015 25th St, San Diego, CA 92102 (Google Maps)

Birria El Rey is a small window-serve kitchen that specializes in Mexican birria. Their birria tacos are a must-try, and they also serve burritos and tortas.

The guacamole is fresh and delicious, making it a perfect addition to any meal.

The staff is friendly and the service is quick. The outdoor seating area is comfortable and spacious, making it a great place to enjoy your meal.

If you're in the area and looking for authentic Mexican food, Birria El Rey is definitely worth a visit.

5. Coal Bros Taqueria

Coal Bros Taqueria
407 C St, San Diego, CA 92101 (Google Maps)

Coal Bros Taqueria serves up some of the best guacamole in town. The flavors are fresh and the texture is perfect.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that every customer is satisfied with their meal. The menu is simple, but the food is delicious and affordable.

The tacos are a must-try, especially the Ribeye Taco and the Black Al Pastor Taco.

The bacon wrapped corn on the cob is also a crowd pleaser. This is a great spot for anyone looking for authentic Mexican street food.

6. Ponce's Mexican Restaurant

Ponce's Mexican Restaurant
4050 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116 (Google Maps)

Ponce's Mexican Restaurant is a great spot for authentic Mexican cuisine. Their guacamole is a must-try and pairs perfectly with their fresh chips.

The restaurant also offers a variety of other dishes, including cheese enchiladas, tostada supremo, and California burritos.

The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable. The atmosphere is lively and fun, making it a great place to go with friends or family.

The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring a great dining experience.

7. Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe

Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe
3172 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103 (Google Maps)

If you're looking for authentic Mexican food with amazing guacamole, Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe is the place to be.

The menu offers a lot of vegan and plant-based options, and the salsa is incredibly delicious. The decor is authentic and colorful, adding to the overall experience.

The service is friendly and accommodating, and the prices are very reasonable. Don't miss out on trying the mole sauce, which is on the sweeter side.

Head over to Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe for a great meal and a taste of Mexico.

8. La Cocina De Rosita

La Cocina De Rosita
2665 Market St, San Diego, CA 92102 (Google Maps)

La Cocina De Rosita is a hidden gem for guacamole lovers in San Diego.

Their hand-made tortillas and fresh veggies make for an excellent combination with the best guac in town. The outdoor seating is really nice and the staff is very friendly.

Although there might be a little wait, it's worth it for the authentic Mexican food that tastes just like home. The prices are also very reasonable.

La Cocina De Rosita is highly recommended for anyone looking for fresh, tasty, and authentic Mexican food in San Diego.

9. Mar Rustico

Mar Rustico
2540 Congress St, San Diego, CA 92110 (Google Maps)

Mar Rustico is a must-visit Mexican restaurant for all guacamole lovers out there.

This small spot serves up some of the best fish tacos and ceviche bowls in town. The portions are generous, and the flavors are perfectly balanced.

While the prices may be a bit higher than other taco places, the quality of the food is definitely worth it.

The wait time for the food may be a bit long, but the delicious taste of the fish tacos makes up for it. If you're looking for a spot to satisfy your guacamole cravings, Mar Rustico is the place to go.